What are dentures made of?

The base (pink area) is made from a special type of denture acrylic (form of plastic) that holds the denture teeth together to fit on your gums. The base can also be made from a metal, usually chrome cobalt or titanium, to provide a stronger and a thinner base for comfort.

Denture teeth can be made from different quality of tooth coloured acrylics or porcelain. They come in different sizes, shapes and shades or colours to suit and fit your oral and facial features. You can also add diamonds, or other gem stones, gold inlays or even gum tinting and tooth staining to your dentures to really bring out your personality.

Relines and Softliners

Relining your dentures will make them fit properly on your gums much like a new denture.

The gums that support your dentures are in a constant state of resorbtion and this occurs at different rates from person to person. As your gums resorb:

1. Your dentures become loose which can make the denture break easier.

2. Less stable when chewing,

3. More frequent sore spots.

4. More food trapped under the dentures.

Softliner (AKA—resilient liner) is a layer of soft compressible material between the gums and hard acrylic denture base of a complete lower denture. The soft layer acts much like a shock absorber and can improve denture comfort dramatically.

Immidiate Dentures

Immediate dentures are designed to be placed immediately over the gums at the time your natural teeth are removed and before your gums have healed.

Main advantages:

1. Cosmetic and function. You do not go without any teeth.

2. The denture acts like a bandage to aid in healing.

Main disadvantages:

1. Fit of the denture is compromised and the denture will need refitting within a short period of time to make them fit correctly (extra cost).

2. In some cases, the ‘look’ of your denture is unable to be checked before the denture is completed.

Implant Retained

The solution for loose, poor fitting dentures.

Implant retained dentures are fitted over dental implants positioned in the jaw bone by a Dental Surgeon.

Implant Benefits:

· Improved stability the denture.

· Improve chewing force.

· Less food under the denture.

· Better aesthetics.

· Improved confidence.

· Decreased gum shrinkage.

· Decreased bone loss.

· Reduced gum irritations.

As a number of different options are available and the ever changing nature to improve implant technology, The Denture Man can help you to understand the latest options and procedures involved in implant dentistry.